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  About Rod

It has been a pleasure living, working and raising a family in Corvallis for the last 25 years. I've seen great changes in that time and my work as an architectural designer has allowed me to make a positive contribution to the community. I think of my work as collaborative process with my clients. Together we've designer some amazing projects.

About half of my work consists of remodeling jobs and additions, ranging from simple modifications, to extensive rebuilding. That has included kitchen remodels, adding second floors, sunrooms and restoration work on older homes.

About a quarter of my work consists of new home design including modern, craftsman, prairie and bungalows. My goal is design solutions that incorporate balance, style, elegance and functionality.

That combined with the use of appropriate technology such as passive solar, hydronic radiant heating and the creative use of space, yields designs that are as timeless as they are up to date.

And, I've been the design consultant on many commercial projects including Corvallis Motessori school, American Dream (downtown), Intaba's Restaurant, First Alternative Food COOP's new addition, Interzone Coffee House, Big River Restaurant & Bar, Madison Plaza (where Starbucks is located), Nearly Normals, Friends Meeting House, and others.

I graduated with a degree in Architecture (University of Nebraska, 1973) and I continue to learn from my clients. People are looking for more that a "sheet rock palace" with a trendy facade. They want homes that work. They want functionality, lasting value, gracious detailing, energy efficiency, green technologies and adaptability as family needs change.

I'm always pleased when a client tells me that my design services have more than paid for themselves in the livability of the home, creative use of space, optimization of materials and reduction in energy costs. I love working with clients to create stunning details using standard cost-effective building techniques and materials.

As a builder told me several years ago, "I just finished building two homes, one designed by you, the other by someone else. The same good materials and excellent craftsmanship went into each. Yours on the one hand, is a beautiful, elegant home, the other is a well built box."

Architects mature slowly, I like that. Eventually, I would like to pack my office into a back pack and do design work from any place in the world.

Until then, you'll find me right here in Corvallis, and Check out the DOWN TOWN DREAM Roof top dining, perfect pizza and a great bar.

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